My demented mind


Straight edge - the discipline
The key to self liberation is abstinence from the destructive escapism of intoxication.
I separate from the poison - a mindlessness I’ve alwas abhored.
Usage will only increase the pain - a truth I constantly see ignored.
The pollutants that kill the body breed apathy within the mind.
The substances that once brought release in the end will always confine.
From drug clouded lungs and veins, motivation dissipates.
Imprisoned within addiction, abuse increases untill death overtakes.
Enslaved by consequences, promiscuity leads to despair.
Victims used and abandoned by liars who professed to care.
Self exiled from their insanity - striving to attain higher levels of purity.
The beauty in life is mine to know.
Admist the ruin I survive - I’ve got to stay free.
Damage everywhere - infection at every turn.
Through my refusal to partake, i’ve saved myself.
Abstinence was the beginning.
What’s important is what’s done with the freedom step by step I overcome.
Alone I climb the staircase to edification.

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